From architecture to jewelry

For the past fifteen years, Pascale Lion has been exploring chain mail, a material that fascinates her. Her works play with texture, structure, transparency, reflection and shimmer.
She first developed items and large-scale installations for architectural purposes. Her research then led her towards simple shapes with simple uses, which bring chain mail into our everyday lives, provoking contact and inviting touch. While the scale and the relationship with the body is the opposite, jewellery is the natural continuation of her research. Chain mail and its richness remain her constant guiding principles through all her work.

Light, sensual and refined, OOOO jewellery comes in different forms, with proportions, rhythms and colours mixed in a thousand different combinations.
Loyal wearers have been seduced by the minimalist design and the timeless beauty of the material, as well as by the lasting and comfortable nature of these pieces.
The jewellery is hand-made in France with the greatest care, from stainless steel, bronze and brass, all of which are recyclable. The stainless steel which is at the core of the collection mostly originates from recycled material. The gilding is made with fine gold.

Today the OOOO collection has no less than 80 items and is available on five continents.